Henri-Louis Fagardseparateur

Henri-Louis FAGARD, with the help of his wife Florence and their team, produces local wines that are authentic and elegant.
CORNEMPS is a remarkable site. The wine storehouses are leaned against a rock face, supporting a chapel of the XIth century.
The name CORNEMPS has a Celtic-Gallic origin, "Cor-Nemetum", that means "SACRED PLACE ". Till the beginning of the XXth century, this Church was a place of pilgrimage. According to the oral tradition, miracles took place there…
In addition, in vineyards growing on the surroundings hillsides, it is not rare to find cut flints, of various prehistoric times, proof of the former human activity of the area.


 Fagard-Cornemps 2001 prestige
Château de Cornemps Tradition

Surface : 27 ha
Mean Age of vineyards :  25 years
Type of vineyards : 70% Merlot – 25% Cabernet Sauvignon- 5% Cabernet Franc5000 feet / ha, strong density
Annual production  : 150 000 bottles
Soil : very varied Grounds, going from argilo-limestone to muddy sandy, goiing through red grounds.
Culture : Reasoned, with management of the returns
Wine making :
Selection of the plots of land at the time of the grape harvests according to vines, soils, maturity and age of vineyards. The grape harvest is scratched and sorted out. Fermentation in tubs of cement and stainless steel with thermal regulation. Maceration under marc from 1 to 3 weeks, according to characteristics of the wine
Breeding :
18 months before bottling. Regular rackings. Respect for the wine with a simple filtration. In the final, the composition of the vintage is made after control and tasting of every tub. It is the art of the assembly.
 Characteristics of the wine :
Harmonious, well-balanced, mix power and length to flexibility and curvature in mouth. Decline generous and greedy savors, in dominant red fruits. Accompany warm entries, cooked pork meats, red meats, barbecues and cheeses.
Vintage avaible


Fagard-Cornemps 2002 
Château de Cornemps Prestige

Surface of the vineyards :  5 ha
Age of vineyards : 35 years
Type of vineyards : 80% Merlot - 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Annual production : 20 000 bottles
Culture : Identical to CORNEMPS Tradition. A particular care is brought to the management of the returns by the technique of the targeted cutting.
Targeted cutting : In spring, disbudding that allows to decrease and to spread the number of grapes,- In summer, a targeted cutting by grapes allows to create a good aeration and to eliminate the grapes having a delay of maturity.
Wine making : The takings and the tasting of the grape and the pits determine the beginning of the grape harvest. The best lots are going to be converted into wine and followed till the end of the fermentation, with a management by the temperatures and the very frequent tastings.
Breeding : 2 passages of 6 months in barrels of oak (average heating) renewed by third.
Vintage avaible


Fagard-Lussac saint emilion 2000 
Château La Jorine

Surface : 3,5 ha 
Age of vineyards : 40 years
Type of vine : 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet-Sauvignon Strong density of 6500 foot / ha
Type of ground : Argilo-siliceous ground with ferruginous material which warms the ground and drain it.
Used Techniques : Control of the return with disbudding and targeted cut. Wine making with fermentation and maceration under control of the temperatures, then partial breeding in new barrels of oak renewed by third every year.
Vintage avaible